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Dispute over outdoor lights prompts new city ordinance

Neighbor disputes in Seattle often arise over tangible elements such as landscape features and property lines. Yet plenty of intangible intrusions can also occur between two properties, like excess noise or light. The trouble is that what some may view as a nuisance, others may view to be no big deal. Thus, each side in such a dispute often sticks to their proverbial guns, with both believing their own respective point of views to be right. Often, it takes the intervention of city officials to resolve such matters.

Understanding trust basics

Many Washington residents may be hesitant to think about their estate planning in part because it may force them to come face-to-face with the concept of death. However, Forbes suggests that estate planning can actually have less to do with death than it can have with giving people control over their assets and estates.

Initiating a will contest

Estate issues can be a touchy subject, especially amongst those who may be set to inherit assets. People in Seattle are encouraged to handle their estate planning early on in life, and to keep those who may be party to their estates informed of what to expect. Doing so may help reduce the potential of a dispute arising amongst beneficiaries after one has passed on. Yet no amount of planning can ultimately eliminate the potential of a will contest to occur.

Three reasons for loved ones to challenge a will

The loss of a loved one, even if it was expected, still can be a very emotional time for family members. There is a lot that needs to be done while dealing with the grief that they may be experiencing after this event. This includes ensuring that a loved one’s final wishes are taken care of during the administering of the estate.

Working through an inheritance dispute

Inheritance disputes arise for all sorts of reasons and each case may present unique challenges. In Seattle, and all over the rest of the state, these disagreements can become very serious and, in some cases, may even tear an entire family apart. At Riach Gese Jacobs PLLC, we can understand the emotional and financial difficulties that family members and other beneficiaries may experience when these challenges arise.

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