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Estate plannng to avoid future disputes

Most people in Washington State have likely encountered someone who has become disgruntled with a sibling over a parental inheritance. Such inheritance may have been documented in a will or a trust or the person may have died intestate, without such legal documentation. Either way, the resulting feud between family members can be expensive both emotionally and financially.

Trees lead multiple neighbors to court

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, the ability to live among green trees and natural foliage year-round is something sought and appreciated. It is actually also considered one of the benefits of living in an area that gets a relatively high amount of rainfall. However, there may well come a point when people in Washington State might not be so happy to have mature trees near their residences.

When a neighbor's dog becomes a noisy problem

Home sweet home: this is the sentiment of millions of American homeowners, and is one that symbolizes comfort and peace of mind. When this peace of mind is compromised by a neighbor, the situation can become overwhelming. What can Seattle residents do in such unnecessary predicaments? 

Elder financial abuse risk factors

For some time now American society has shifted away from multiple generations of families living in close proximity to one another. Instead, it is more and more common for adult children and grandchildren to live far away from their parents or grandparents. If you are in this situation, you will know that this geographic disparity is one thing that may make it hard for you to make sure your parent or grandparent is safe at all times.

What can you do if you disagree with a will?

When Seattle residents are left with the will of a loved one, it's meant to be a reflection of their wishes and desires, speaking for them when they're no longer able to. Unfortunately, it's possible for wills to be a reflection of someone else's intentions instead, leaving you in a tricky situation.

The 3 stages of property dispute resolution

When you bought your Seattle-area property, you thought you were moving into a nice, quiet neighborhood where you could eventually enjoy your upcoming retirement. Unfortunately, a dispute with your neighbor has completely deteriorated over the last year. His new fence is well over the property line, and he has refused to trim several trees that now have limbs resting directly on your roof. It is not uncommon for neighbors to have a falling out due to a property dispute, and while you might be tempted to rent a bulldozer and knock down the new fence yourself, this is not the best way to approach the problem.

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