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When siblings have mixed inheritance priorities

The terminal illness or death of a parent can, needless to say, stir up a number of complex emotions. For one, there is the aspect of caring for a potentially incapacitated family member who may need extensive medical attention and care. Secondly, adult children may face the responsibility of finding a reliable Seattle nursing home to ensure all needs are met. Finally, there comes the often tricky topic of a parent's will. When it does not appear fair, how can siblings work out the issues? 

Sibling rivalry is no stranger to the world of inheritance disputes. MarketWatch points out, though, that adult children should keep one aspect in mind when it comes to will disputes: the fact that most parents want to avoid grievances at all costs. One common issue involves tradition itself; many parents threaten to disinherit children who do not follow strict family expectations and values. Other adult children are left to deconstruct an ambiguous will, which can ultimately present challenges. Just as communication can solve problems in many of life's categories, MarketWatch shares that an honest conversation about the purpose and future of a family's wealth can prove beneficial in a number of ways.

Sometimes, the arguments are simply inevitable. Retirement resource AgingCare understands this common problem all too well, revealing that many children have opposing priorities when it comes to parents and money. It can certainly be upsetting to learn that a child cares more about inheritance money than a parent's medical care. Even children who want the very best for parents can become torn when nursing home care begins to eat away at inheritance. However, some siblings turn to professional help to sort out the kinks. Whether it is an estate attorney or other type of experienced professional, asking for help in situations where family relationships are on the line can make all the difference.   




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