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Wills, heirs and the perception of inequality

You do all that you can to make your will equal. You know that a lot of estate disputes arise when one heir gets more than the others. Siblings may spend years in court arguing over what should happen with your assets. You want to avoid that, so you just make everything perfectly equal.

A dispute could arise over an asset's worth

Many estate disputes happen when people want the same asset. Maybe one child felt like their parents promised them the family home, but then it went to someone else in the will. Children also fight over far more minor assets, especially when they have sentimental value.

An inheritance dispute can cause lasting damage to a family

When an inheritance dispute occurs, it's important for those involved to know what rights they have, what steps to take and how to resolve things as quickly and smoothly as possible. They must be aware of the fact that it can cause lasting damage to the relationships in the family, and they need to work to limit that damage.

How can you avoid inheritance disputes?

After the death of a king in ancient Scandinavia, survivors placed all his treasures on a barge and set it on fire. In order to inherit, surviving offspring needed to brave the flames, but it is unclear how many attempted to do so. This is an extreme method of avoiding inheritance disputes that would probably not be practical in 21st-century Seattle. Nevertheless, inheritance disputes among siblings can turn ugly. You should take steps now to prevent the situation among your children from escalating after your death. 

Ambiguity and errors in will fuel inheritance battle

People in Washington State who create a will should be able to expect that its terms will be followed as identified. However, this may not always be as simple as one might wish it to be. Despite the intentions of the person who created the will, the language used in the final document might leave some areas of it open to interpretation. This may then contribute to potential heirs disputing the will.

Identifying when an aging parent needs help

Many people in Washington State face the challenge of how to provide the best help to and care for an aging parent or other relative. One of the biggest problems encountered by families is how and when to have the conversation about ensuring adult children have the authority to help make decisions on the part of their parents. If you are concerned about this, you should know that it can be easier to have a durable power of attorney established while your parent is still in reasonably good health. 

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