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Whether you are a new homeowner or a real estate developer, you may need legal help to recover losses associated with construction defects. Did a contractor or construction company fail to perform as contracted — or deliver an inferior construction product that fails to meet professional standards? If so, you may need to provide the contractor with a notice of construction defect before filing suit. RCW 64.50.020

Talk to a lawyer to discuss your options after a construction defect has resulted in injuries or financial failure. Based in Lynnwood, Riach Gese Jacobs PLLC has been serving the community since 1959. Our construction litigation attorneys understand that your defect claim is unique. We have represented many homeowners making a defect claim and many contractors accused of a construction defect. Each construction defect claim is unique and is based on the facts of the case, the relevant laws regarding professional standards and, liability.

Consult With a Seattle Construction Defect Attorney

Our real estate and construction law attorneys are available to examine and explore your options after a construction defect has resulted in loss or injury or has been brought against you or your company. Questions we are prepared to work hard to find answers to include:

  • Was the quality of workmanship in compliance with all rules and regulations — and with standards evident in comparable buildings?
  • Were terms of the contract adhered to?
  • If there was a change order, was it authorized?
  • Did construction work fall within the scope of the contract?
  • Who owes whom for work done, and was the work done properly?
  • Were property defects disclosed to a buyer?
  • Is the builder guilty of “failure to perform” construction work that was agreed upon?
  • Did the construction project comply with statutory requirements?
  • Did the construction breach an implied warranty of habitability?

Answers to these questions will help determine whether you have a viable construction defect claim against any party or parties. Our accomplished trial lawyers are a valuable source of information and advocacy for people who have been wronged in construction defect cases.

For Help With Defective Construction Claims in Washington

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