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Inheritance Disputes

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At Riach Gese Jacobs PLLC, our law firm represents parties with interests in the estate of a deceased individual. Whether you are a beneficiary, heir, child, spouse, creditor or personal representative, we protect your interests and rights. We ensure the will or trust is enforced and the personal representative is complying with their fiduciary duties.

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Representing Beneficiaries and Executors/Personal Representatives

Often inheritance disputes are brought by family members or close friends who take issue with how an estate is administered and assets are being divided and distributed. If you believe the assets of your loved one are being or were misappropriated, time is of the essence; you must bring your claim quickly or you may lose the right to pursue your remedy. If you have been accused of impropriety when administering an estate or trust, we can help.

If a beneficiary, or one who believes he/she should have been named as a beneficiary, chooses to challenge the validity of the will, it is important that the challenger and the estate administrator obtain legal representation to protect rights and defend decisions. Many times these situations can be resolved with effective negotiation. However, when litigation is required, our trial attorneys have the experience and skill to succeed in the courtroom.

Addressing Undue Influence and Financial Abuse

Occasionally, family members may have concern that a caretaker, friend or other family member may have exerted undue influence on the decedent when he or she was creating or revising an estate plan. We can assist families in determining whether the decedent had full understanding of the situation when he or she chose to create or modify an estate planning document.

At our firm, our lawyers collaborate with investigators and medical professionals and review medical records to establish undue influence and the state of mind of the decedent. Further, we are able to legally pursue recovery of assets from those who financially abused and unduly influenced your loved one.

If you have contested a will or are involved in an inheritance dispute, please e-mail or call us at 425-776-3191 to schedule a consultation with our experienced trial lawyers.

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