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Settling Neighbor and Property Disputes

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At Riach Gese Jacobs PLLC, our attorneys help individuals who are involved in a variety of real estate and property-related disputes. We handle disputes among neighbors and other parties. We take the time required to get to know you and to understand your situation, so we can determine how to most effectively help you.

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Handling All Types of Property Disputes

Property disputes go beyond two neighbors quarreling over where to plant a tree or place a fence post. Disputes can actually occur between two parties with mutual interest in a piece of real estate.

Whether the problem is between two neighbors, two business owners, a homeowner and a homeowners’ association or even between a land owner and a city official, our firm has the skill and experience to handle property disputes such as:

  • Boundaries and Fence Line Disputes
  • Access and Easement Rights
  • Zoning Restrictions and Property Use
  • Land Use Disputes
  • Property Values and Tax Assessments
  • Eminent Domain and Adverse Possession
  • Building and Remodeling/Construction Disputes

When your property and money are on the line, it is important to take prompt legal action.

A Law Firm You Can Trust

At our firm, we know all of our clients by name. We believe that you do not deserve to be lost in a shuffle of paralegals, secretaries and associates. Instead, we focus on providing responsive and accessible service in all of our areas of practice.

We aggressively protect your rights without losing sight of your needs. Since 1959, our team has served people in Lynnwood, Seattle, and the surrounding areas of Washington with all their commercial and residential real estate needs, including transactions, title issues and closings.

At Riach Gese Jacobs PLLC, we have history in the community. That history and our continued success can be attributed directly to our ability to get results for our clients. Our attorneys take great care to see that we meet your real estate and other legal needs. In fact, we have built our reputation on it.

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