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Working through an inheritance dispute

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | Inheritance Disputes |

Inheritance disputes arise for all sorts of reasons and each case may present unique challenges. In Seattle, and all over the rest of the state, these disagreements can become very serious and, in some cases, may even tear an entire family apart. At Riach Gese Jacobs PLLC, we can understand the emotional and financial difficulties that family members and other beneficiaries may experience when these challenges arise.

Whether you believe that your relative was a victim of undue influence or you do not think that you have received the assets that you were entitled to, it is essential for you to relentlessly stand up for your rights. Moreover, these situations are time sensitive, so you should not wait too long to take action if you believe that inheritance was not handled appropriately. In some cases, families are able to work these disagreements out by speaking with one another. However, there are also times when taking these disputes to the courtroom is necessary.

After losing a family member, it can be difficult for some people to stand up for themselves even though they believe that the estate was not handled appropriately. Some may not be familiar with the law, while others simply have too much anxiety and emotional unease because of their loss. However, those who mishandle an estate, whether they fail to distribute assets to beneficiaries or exhibit undue influence, must be held answerable for their acts.

On our inheritance disputes page, you can access more information concerning undue influence and other types of disagreements.

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