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Neighbor conflicts: how to find peace

On Behalf of | May 15, 2018 | Neighbor Disputes |

Finding the perfect home sweet home can come with endless benefits: a nice yard or balcony, a short work commute and interior decorating are only a few of the perks. When a Seattle resident has settled into the ideal pad, it may seem as if nothing could get in the way of enjoying the new place. All of that joy can dissolve in an instant when an obnoxious neighbor enters the picture.

ABC recognizes in an article on on dealing with unpleasant neighbors that disputes between homeowners are highly common. The sheer differences in lifestyles could be the root of the problem. First and foremost, the article urges readers to choose their battles wisely; especially in situations of homeownership, neighborly discords could span over long periods of time. Past disagreements can also influence a home’s property value. Knowing local laws, ABC explains, can work to one’s advantage, as regulations regarding trash, noise and other aspects cana vary. ABC also points out that calls to law enforcement are not always the best answer to these problems. 

One way neighbors can avoid conflict, according to HGTV, is to practice mindful awareness about one’s surroundings. Observing which residents like to keep to themselves and which ones are more prone to be social can give one insight into the community climate — and can prevent those nasty neighbor arguments. HGTV states that a simply wave hello can establish a positive and amiable foundation among neighbors. Using the right tone when confronting neighbors about an issue can also work wonders. Few desire to be the neighborhood annoyance, but sometimes all it takes is a proactive effort to keep the peace.  


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