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Learning about neighbors before moving in

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2018 | Neighbor Disputes |

Many people in Washington State know that a person can find their dream home in their dream neighborhood but that does not guarantee they will find their dream neighbors. To some extent, there may be no way for a homeowner to completely prevent ending up next to or near a neighbor they have challenges getting along with. That said, there are some things they can do to potentially reduce the chances of this happening.

Realtor.com suggests that while in the process of looking at a home, a person should take advantage of the opportunity to have a casual conversation with a neighbor. This may be easier in nice weather when people are more likely to be outside and they can be approached naturally. Potential buyers should ask other homeowners about their experiences living in the area and even about how neighbors get along or what type of social events they may engage in together. This gives a sense of the level of community and potentially the level of willingness to work together.

Zillow adds that doing a little investigative work could benefit buyers as well. This might involve checking out the local police station website or other tool that identifies activity in the area. There are also apps designed for neighborhood groups that may offer valuable insights for buyers.

Another easy thing to do is to drive through the neighborhood multiple times. Each trip should be at a different time of day and include weekdays as well as weekends, daylight hours and evening hours.



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