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What can cause inheritance disputes?

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | Inheritance Disputes |

When you plan your estate carefully, you expect that when you die, everything will go as you want it. However, that is not always true. Inheritance disputes are common. When they occur in Washington, it can delay the distribution of your assets and the carrying out of your wishes. Since you will not be around to handle the situation yourself, your best option is to plan for any possible disputes. It helps to understand what causes them, so you can do this.

According to CNBC, inheritance disputes can occur in any type of family situation and for any type of estate. One of the top causes is drama or issues within the family. If you know that there are issues between certain individuals, you may want to design your estate plan so as to avoid adding to the drama. For example, do not make your sister the executor if you know she does not get along with your other family members.

Another situation that could cause issues is if you have a blended family. For example, if you have children from a first marriage and children from a second marriage, things might get sticky when your wishes are carried out if you did not recognize all children equally.

Something else that may lead to problems is the unrealistic expectations of your heirs. If your heirs believe that you have a certain amount of money, for example, they may expect to receive a specific portion of it. If they do not, it may trigger push back.

Most situations are easily avoidable by communicating your wishes when you create your estate plan. If everyone knows what to expect, it can put minds at ease and help avoid arguments once you are gone. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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