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Bellevue cat subject of disputes, lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 26, 2019 | Neighbor Disputes |

For many residents in Washington State, having a cat or a dog is a normal and joyous part of life. The companionship that a pet can bring to an individual or a family has been proven to be positive by many researchers and other experts. However, not everyone likes dogs or cats and sometimes these animals can become the subject of neighborly disputes.

It is generally assumed that a dog would be the primary animal involved in a dispute with neighbors. This is because a dog can bark incessantly or cause damage to another person’s yard or even to another person in some cases. Cats are not generally thought of as problem-makers but one cat from Bellevue appears to be so in the eyes of at least two neighbors, one of whom was previously the manager of a regional animal center. 

As reported by The Seattle Times, the cat has received more than 30 infractions from the Regional Animal Services of King County since 2014. The previous manager even captured the cat and held it at a facility for several months, only releasing it after forcing the owner to pay kennel fees. The report indicates that the same manager encouraged another neighbor to complain that the outdoor cat was taunting her indoor cats via a window and that was a disturbance.

The cat has been labelled as vicious and at one point was in jeopardy of being euthanized or removed from the area and its family. Now, the owner is suing King County in the hopes of clearing the cat’s legacy and record.


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