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What are some of the biggest neighbor pet peeves?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2019 | Neighbor Disputes |

Whether you own your own home or rent your home in Washington State, you most likely want to enjoy the area in which you live. Everyone has different standards for how they live and what they consider acceptable or desirable but there are some actions or behaviors that most people universally would agree can be frustrating to live next to or near.

According to Forbes, one thing that often spurs disputes between neighbors is an encroachment on one person’s property. One example of this is if a neighbor builds a new fence but it is positioned too far over the property line onto the adjacent neighbor’s property. Another example can be a tree that grows so big as to extend over the next-door neighbor’s yard. This can be a particular nuisance if the tree drops cones, needles, fruits or other matter than causes a mess in the neighbor’s yard.

Nobody really wants to hear a neighbor’s dog bark incessantly, music played so loud it can be heard through adjoining walls or cats routinely fighting. Another hot button for many people is the neighbor who fails to maintain the front of their home to a level consistent with the neighborhood. This might be poor yard care or a person parking old, rusty cars in front of the home.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give residents in Washington State an idea of the most common things that other resident find frustrating about their neighbors.

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