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Common dispute causes in a neighborhood

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2019 | Neighbor Disputes |

Whether you live in a neighborhood in Washington State that is governed by a homeowners association or not, you may have heard some of your neighbors discuss issues with other homeowners that they are unhappy about. You might even have a gripe about a neighbor of your own. While it might be difficult to consider, you may even be doing something unknowingly that offends one of your neighbors.

It can be helpful to be aware of the factors that most commonly contribute to arguments between neighbors. This insight may help you avoid being the problematic neighbor and it may also help you look for solutions if one of your neighbors engages in unacceptable behaviors. As explained by Consumer Reports, landscaping often leads to disagreements between neighbors. This may be due to a tree that blocks one family’s view. It may be due to a tree that puts extra stress on a shared fence or that leans too far over a neighbor’s roof. Some plants or trees drop leaves, fruits or other substances that cause an unsightly mess and undue work for the non-owning neighbor. Noise from kids, pets or hobbies can also be a source of strife between people who live near each other.

Residents are urged to learn their local regulations per their municipality as well as per any HOA before approaching a neighbor to discuss these or other sensitive topics.

If you would like to learn more about the things that commonly contribute to disagreements between neighbors and how you may best address these situations or avoid them, please feel free to visit the neighborhood challenges page of our Washington State property disagreements website.

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