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What is a property line dispute?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Neighbor Disputes |

Seattle residents like you share relatively close quarters with one another. There are a large amount of people in a relatively small space and houses tend to be built very close to one another. Unfortunately, this means that some people may run into property line disputes with their neighbors.

The Seattle.gov website answers the question, what is a property line dispute? In essence, they are disagreements between you and your fellow neighbors over where the property line is drawn. This becomes important when you or your neighbors are landscaping, renovating the yard, or building structures in it such as porches or toolsheds.

Home owners most commonly run into issues if they decide to build a large new structure, or if some vegetation begins to encroach to the neighboring side of the property line. Examples can include a tree growing over the top of a fence and hanging down into a neighbor’s yard, potentially blocking their own plants from getting enough light to grow.

According to boundary laws, certain structures cannot obstruct or cross over onto someone else’s property. This is why there are city regulations on where you can build a shed or deck on your property, as well as regulations about the space that is left between said structures and the property line.

If you get into a property line dispute with a neighbor, you may wish to contact an attorney. They can examine your options and determine whether or not you should fight for the structure or landscaping changes that you wish to make to your side of the property line.

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