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Is your neighbor using your property without permission?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Neighbor Disputes |

In some cases, your neighbor may have legal permission to use your property. This is known as an easement.

It’s important to note that this permission typically just extends to one type of use. For instance, maybe it’s a right-of-way easement because the only way from the street to your neighbor’s property is through your driveway. They have legal permission to drive down the driveway, but that doesn’t mean they can do anything else on your property. They can merely drive through. Though this is one of the most common types of easements, there are others.

The problem is when your neighbor starts using your property without permission. For instance, maybe they don’t have an easement at all, but the old landowner just let them use the land because they were friends. You’re not obligated to do the same, but they told you they weren’t going to stop after you bought the property.

Or, perhaps they are using it in a way that goes beyond the easement. Maybe you feel like they’re making themselves a bit too “at home,” so to speak. They are using your property as if it is their own, even though the paperwork clearly says that they just have permission to drive through when going to their own house.

When this happens, it can really put some stress on your relationship with your neighbor. It can detract from your quality of life, harm your property, cost you money or even lower the value of that property. If so, you must know all of the legal options you have to resolve the dispute.

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