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Your neighbor can negatively impact your property value

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Neighbor Disputes |

The unfortunate reality is that you are not the only person who is in control of your property value. If you go to sell your house, you may find that your neighbor has driven that value down.

This is part of the reason for zoning laws. Putting a gas station next to a home could reduce the value of the home, so zones keep things like commercial, residential and industrial buildings spread apart from one another. One problem you may have, though, is that even within a residential zone, you could have a less-than-attractive neighbor that makes it so no one wants to buy your house.

A few of the top ways that your neighbor could drag down your property values and the odds that you will sell your home quickly include:

  • Not properly maintaining the exterior of their home so that it appears run-down and possibly even unsafe.
  • Not doing any upkeep on their yard so that it looks abandoned.
  • Having loud pets; for instance, if your neighbor has a pack of loud, barking dogs in their yard at all times, potential buyers may be out before they even step in your front door.
  • Allowing dangerous trees or tree limbs to extend over your property.
  • Having a home that is going through foreclosure or a home that recently sold for very little, making it an unattractive comp for your house.
  • Engaging in questionable or even criminal activity.

If you and your neighbor get into a dispute over any of these issues, you must know what legal options you have.

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