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Solving a dispute with a Washington construction contractor

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | Neighbor Disputes |

If you’re having a dispute with a Washington construction contractor, you might have questions about how to proceed. ForConstructionPros suggests discussing the problem one-on-one and looking for a solution before taking any other action. However, there are alternatives if you’re unable to make progress with the construction contractor on your own.

Consider mediation

Construction disputes are sometimes resolved with the help of a mediator. The mediator is a neutral person who acts as a referee between you and the construction contractor.

Mediation isn’t legally binding, but it can help resolve the problem without involving the courts. However, mediation only works if the parties involved reach an agreement and then honor it.

Consider arbitration

Arbitration is like mediation in that it brings a neutral person into the situation. In this case, the arbitrator listens to arguments from you and the construction contractor. This individual then makes a legally binding decision about the dispute that you and the construction contractor must honor.

Filing a lawsuit

You might consider filing a lawsuit if all other attempts at dispute resolution fail. This will require involving the courts. However, you’ll eventually receive a legally binding solution to the dispute.

In a civil lawsuit, the case is resolved once a jury reaches a verdict or a judge enters a final judgment. You are bound to honor the outcome, even if you disagree with the decision. Keep in mind that in a construction dispute lawsuit, the court could decide in favor of the construction contractor.

Before trying to resolve your dispute, make sure you have all your facts straight and can go in with a clear and concise argument. If you do need to involve the courts, make sure you are prepared by compiling all your evidence.

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