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Investigation launched surrounding man's estate

People in Washington who have heard about different forms of elder abuse should know that financial exploitation is one type of such abuse that many people fall prey to. Those people who may be most at risk of financial abuse tend to have few if any close relatives or friends. This makes it easier for another person to gain their trust in the guise of friendship that may really only be a means to obtaining their assets.

Understanding property easements

When you are looking to buy a home in Washington State, it can be very easy to get focused on the particulars of the home that you enjoy and make sure you pay the price that you feel is reasonable and good for you. While these things are important, it is also vital that you carefully review some of the other details that may have implications for the ultimate enjoyment or experience of your new home. The existence of an easement is one of these details.

Why do millennials need estate plans?

If you are one of the many millennials in Washington State who thinks that creating a will, trust or other type of estate planning document is something only your parents or grandparents need to do, you are not alone. However, you should realize that there are many reasons that make creating a good plan for yourself at this stage of your life very important.

Location matters in estate planning

Residents in Washington State who want to develop the best type of estate plan for their needs and wishes know that there are many different types of tools from which they can choose. Their personal net worth as well as their wishes are just part of what will play into determining the right approach to estate planning for them. For example, people who want to provide funds for a grandchild's college education might establish a specific kind of trust that is geared for this goal.

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