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Probate is not a foregone conclusion

During the estate planning process, you may wonder whether your survivors will have to endure probate after you are gone. At Riach Gese Jacobs, we understand your concern about a lengthy legal proceeding that may prevent your heirs from receiving their bequests in a timely fashion or even give rise to litigation. Fortunately, the state of Washington has taken steps to simplify the process, meaning that probate may not be necessary to the administration of your estate. 

Bellevue cat subject of disputes, lawsuit

For many residents in Washington State, having a cat or a dog is a normal and joyous part of life. The companionship that a pet can bring to an individual or a family has been proven to be positive by many researchers and other experts. However, not everyone likes dogs or cats and sometimes these animals can become the subject of neighborly disputes.

Is your neighbor creating a nuisance that requires legal action?

There's a popular saying that you can't pick your family, but you can pick your neighbors. Unfortunately, that isn't always true. Many times, you will have little control over who lives in the homes closest to your own. The local real estate market is notoriously competitive despite recent sales declines, meaning that you may not have the option of deciding against buying a certain property just because you find other people who live nearby questionable.

Who is responsible for sidewalks?

Sidewalks are often a part of your real estate that you do not give much thought to until something goes wrong with them. At that point, you may wonder who is responsible for them? This really depends on the rules and regulations that the city of Seattle has put into place. There are many ways the rights and responsibilities of sidewalks are divided up between you and the city.

Identifying the key responsibilities of an estate executor

When someone passes away, friends and family members of the deceased often experience heavy emotions. On top of the loss, there are a number of important matters that must be handled. The estate executor, sometimes referred to as the estate administrator, is responsible for making sure these matters are resolved. In some cases, the deceased will name an executor in the last will and testament.  If the deceased did not appoint one, however, the state may appoint someone to carry out those duties.

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