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Examining no contest clauses

Seattle residents certainly do not want to see their decisions regarding the dispersal of their estates to cause contention amongst their beneficiaries. Being as transparent as possible in the structuring of a will might help to avoid that, yet there still may be situations where one beneficiary who is unhappy about what he or she receives chooses to dispute the matter and hold up the entire estate administration process. Some might say that there is an easy way to avoid this: simply include a "no contest" clause in a will.

Common estate planning mistakes to avoid

Estate planning is no exciting process for most Seattle residents. For some, the procedures involved in planning can become uncomfortable and stressful. Fortunately, however, there are successful ways to approach estate planning, as highlighted by the following financial discussions.

Neighbor conflicts: how to find peace

Finding the perfect home sweet home can come with endless benefits: a nice yard or balcony, a short work commute and interior decorating are only a few of the perks. When a Seattle resident has settled into the ideal pad, it may seem as if nothing could get in the way of enjoying the new place. All of that joy can dissolve in an instant when an obnoxious neighbor enters the picture.

Why inheritance disputes happen and how to prevent them

A dispute over inheritance, no matter how large or small, can escalate quickly and unexpectedly. Children and grandchildren who argue over inheritance often find themselves in the middle of a situation that not only involves the death or anticipated death of a family member, but a relationship at stake. Why do these family feuds happen, and what can Seattle residents do to prevent them?   

Addressing an inheritance dispute

The death of a family member is, needless to say, a stressful enough experience on its own. Inheritance disputes often only add to this stress. Why did a late family member decide to arrange the will they way they did? What might it mean for beneficiaries? How can siblings cope with misunderstandings and disagreements as a result? Although each situation in Seattle is unique, the following can provide some clarity during these complicated times.

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