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Most wealthy families lose that wealth almost immediately

For your entire life, you have worked very hard to build up your estate for your children. You live a comfortable life. You buy them anything they want. You take nice vacations. But you also put aside plenty of money to ensure that they can sustain this lifestyle. You never want them to have to worry about money. The same goes for your grandchildren and their children.

Property line disputes: finding the peace

Most Seattle residents worry little over issues such as property disputes, but to some, they are an incredible nuisance. What could result in an otherwise reasonable conversation can easily escalate into misunderstandings and, worse, arguments over boundaries. How common is it for a neighbor to cross the line, and what do most residents do to resolve the problems? 

Preplan to keep the family peace

Nobody in Washington State wants to think that their adult children, grandchildren or other relatives could someday be at each other's throats over money. Yet, this can and does happen more often that most people would want to really know. The sadness that can accompany these fights represents the loss of many memories and hopes for the future but may be able to be avoided with the proper preplanning.

Learning about neighbors before moving in

Many people in Washington State know that a person can find their dream home in their dream neighborhood but that does not guarantee they will find their dream neighbors. To some extent, there may be no way for a homeowner to completely prevent ending up next to or near a neighbor they have challenges getting along with. That said, there are some things they can do to potentially reduce the chances of this happening.

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