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Property line disputes: finding the peace

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2018 | Neighbor Disputes |

Most Seattle residents worry little over issues such as property disputes, but to some, they are an incredible nuisance. What could result in an otherwise reasonable conversation can easily escalate into misunderstandings and, worse, arguments over boundaries. How common is it for a neighbor to cross the line, and what do most residents do to resolve the problems? 

Not only is a dispute over one’s land a headache; the issue can become worse over time if unaddressed. Homeowner resource HouseLogic even goes as far as to warn readers that unresolved property disputes can present obstacles when it comes to future prospects of selling a home. It may seem apparent, but a first good rule of thumb for any neighbor involves knowledge of one’s own property. As HouseLogic shares, settlement papers generally include this information. Following, communication is never a bad idea, as HouseLogic goes on to advise homeowners that writing letters and holding meetings are other ways to work out boundary-related issues.

Unfortunately, some matters continue to the point at which neighbors must seek alternative solutions. The City of Seattle provides basic information on property line disputes and ways to settle them, noting that certain codes prevent homeowners from taking over another’s property. If property drawings and communication do not prove advantageous, neighbors can turn to the Seattle Municipal Code and the Seattle Residential Code to learn about more detailed regulations on boundaries. When the threat of a regulation does not phase a difficult neighbor, the city’s website lists a range of fines homeowners could face if they refuse to comply with local rules. At the end of the day, proof of property lines, communication and local regulations can make all the difference in a property line dispute.      





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