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Property lines and home improvement projects

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2024 | Neighbor Disputes |

Remodeling your Washington home can be a great way to improve its value and make it more functional for yourself and your family. However, depending on the scope of the project, it may be necessary to have a land survey done. A land survey helps to establish your property line, which is the boundary that you cannot cross without permission from your neighbor.

There are many different survey types

If you want to find out where your property line is, you will most likely want to have a boundary survey done. The boundary survey takes precise calculations to determine where your yard ends and your neighbor’s yard begins. This type of survey may also be necessary if you’re building a fence, deck or anything else that requires a permit to put up.

Surveys are rarely needed for interior projects

It’s unlikely that you will need a land survey for interior home improvement projects such as finishing a basement or putting new carpets in the living room. This is because you are unlikely to drastically change the size or shape of your home while doing so. However, if you plan to add an addition to the house or want to expand the size of an existing space, it may be best to get a survey done to minimize the risk of property line disputes emerging.

You can have a survey done for any reason

A land survey can be done at any time to determine your property line. For instance, you may be thinking about selling your home soon and want to have accurate records. A survey may also be worth doing if your neighbor is thinking about adding a fence or deck and you don’t want it encroaching onto your property.

If a property line dispute does arise, you may be able to resolve it through private talks or mediation. Resolutions may include moving a fence or signing a document acknowledging that encroaching on your neighbor’s land doesn’t give you any ownership rights to it.

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