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When a neighbor’s dog becomes a noisy problem

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2018 | Neighbor Disputes |

Home sweet home: this is the sentiment of millions of American homeowners, and is one that symbolizes comfort and peace of mind. When this peace of mind is compromised by a neighbor, the situation can become overwhelming. What can Seattle residents do in such unnecessary predicaments? 

Today News recognizes the common frustration caused by a neighbor’s noisy dog. Instead of encouraging neighbors to immediately jump to extremes, Today shares an article that lists possible alternatives to heated arguments over loud animals. By framing the situation in favor of the neighbor’s four-legged friend, residents are more likely to resolve an ongoing issue. Showing concern for the dog’s wellbeing can allow the (often unaware) neighbor to form viable solutions. As opposed to passive aggressiveness, proactive steps toward a happier neighborhood can keep everyone on good terms. In severe circumstances, Today shares that neighbors may contact their homeowner’s association to resolve the issue.

The American Kennel Club also provides a number of alternatives to arguing with a neighbor over a noisy dog. The AKC dissuades neighbors from blaming the dog, instead pointing to external causes of distress. Like Today’s article on noisy neighbors, the AKC suggests that placing focus on the dog’s needs can make the process a smoother one. Some dogs may simply be protecting the home, depending on their breed. Others may exhibit signs of boredom by becoming destructive or by barking excessively. In other situations, there may be events or activities taking place near the dog’s home that can cause the animal distress. By initiating conversation that is based on solutions instead of problems, neighbors can have an amiable discussions regarding loud dogs. The AKC also mentions that some neighbors are new to the world of owning pets, and may not know the best tactics to calm their dog. With the many options neighbors have when dealing with such an issue, heated disputes can be set aside so that real, proactive steps can make way for improved living situations. 





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