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What can I do if my neighbor has junk all over outside?

Neighbors with piles of junk in their yard is a universal problem that not only occurs in Washington but also occurs around the country. This issue can be cause for concern for a couple very big reasons. First, it attracts vermin and bugs. Second, it lowers the property values in the neighborhood. If you have a neighbor whose home is unkempt, is there anything you can do?

Trulia explains that you can call the city to report your neighbor for the junk collection outside his or her home. There are typically local codes that require people to keep their homes in a sanitary condition. So, if you notice the junk is attracting pests or if it is violating such codes, local authorities may be able to do something about it.

However, before you make a formal report, you might try speaking with your neighbor. There may a good reason why he or she has let the property get into this state. For example, if your neighbor is elderly, he or she may be unable to clean the property up. You could then organize volunteers to help clean out the junk and revive the home.

If the home is abandoned, then you should contact the bank that owns it. The bank is bound by the same laws as other homeowners in regards to keeping the property in good shape. However, since the bank is an entity and nobody is living in the home, it may not have been aware of the state of the property.  

Typically, dealing with an eyesore will take time regardless of what you have to do to get it fixed, but you have a right to protect yourself from the pests it could attract or the damage it could do to your property value. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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