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What is and is not included in probate

Many people in Washington State often find the process of probate confusing. This is true of people who are trying to make their own estate plans as well as it is of people who may be beneficiaries of another person's estate. Probate is a legal process but it is important to know that not every assets must pass through this process. Knowing the scope of probate can help people make decisions that are right for their estates and beneficiaries.

What happens to debt when I die?

If you are thinking about creating a will or a trust or maybe updating your existing estate plan in Washington State, you may initially be focused on what should happen to your assets. Certainly, outlining your wishes for who will receive what from your estate is an important and very personal part of such a plan but it is only one component. Thinking about the debt you have and what will happen to that should also be on your list. 

Will revision after a workplace accident

If you have a will, there are a number of instances where you may find that revision has become necessary, such as ending your marriage or one of your loved ones passing away. However, you may also need to go over your will if you are hurt in a work-related accident. There are a variety of reasons why the revision of your estate plan may be necessary following a work injury and it is pivotal to handle these estate-related matters in a timely manner. After all, ensuring that your assets are split up among beneficiaries in accordance with your desires is essential.

Beneficiary designations in estate planning

If you are one of the residents in Washington State who has taken the time and care to prepare a will or a trust, you may understandably feel good about getting your affairs in order and responsibly providing clarity about your wishes for your estate after you die. However, if you have stopped at the creation of a wall or a trust, you may want to think twice before celebrating completely as there are other things that may require your attention.

Late real estate magnate's estate case in chaos

One of the main reasons why estate planning experts in Seattle encourage people to see to such matters before it is too late is to avoid the potential for conflict that can erupt over their assets once they are gone. Some might think that built-in safeguards such as state intestate succession guidelines will prevent mass confusion over the administration of an estate from ever happening. Yet simply because such guidelines are in place does not mean that there will not be motions and legal wranglings on the part of multiple parties that can end up turning an estate case into a virtual quagmire of chaos. 

Common estate planning mistakes to avoid

Estate planning is no exciting process for most Seattle residents. For some, the procedures involved in planning can become uncomfortable and stressful. Fortunately, however, there are successful ways to approach estate planning, as highlighted by the following financial discussions.

What can you do if you disagree with a will?

When Seattle residents are left with the will of a loved one, it's meant to be a reflection of their wishes and desires, speaking for them when they're no longer able to. Unfortunately, it's possible for wills to be a reflection of someone else's intentions instead, leaving you in a tricky situation.

Why do millennials need estate plans?

If you are one of the many millennials in Washington State who thinks that creating a will, trust or other type of estate planning document is something only your parents or grandparents need to do, you are not alone. However, you should realize that there are many reasons that make creating a good plan for yourself at this stage of your life very important.

Location matters in estate planning

Residents in Washington State who want to develop the best type of estate plan for their needs and wishes know that there are many different types of tools from which they can choose. Their personal net worth as well as their wishes are just part of what will play into determining the right approach to estate planning for them. For example, people who want to provide funds for a grandchild's college education might establish a specific kind of trust that is geared for this goal.

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